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Nine6brush is an add on from the procreate application on iPad Pro, for iPad Pro users it may be familiar with the procreate. nine6brush is suitable for lettering artists, calligraphers and type designers makes you more varied in working typography.

What’s Included:

nine6brush set of 24 custom brushes
nine6lettering set of 16 custom brushes
all total 40 brushes with any style Script, Paint, Chalk, Grunge, Rope, light trails, neon, grid, sparkling lamp, signature, line, transparant, wet paint, ghost, ink, kiddy, and many kind lot of brushes start brush 1.0 until brush 16.0.

– Download the brushes file and extract the .zip file. You will need a computer to open the .zip file. (Or using izip on your ipad.)
– Then save the extracted results to dropbox or google drive. Open the Files app on your iPad, navigate to where you’ve saved the file, then tap on it.
– Check Procreate and the brusheset with automatically be imported to Procreate in their own.
– DO NOT use the import function in the brushes panel — it is only for individual brushes, it does not support .brushset files. If attempted, the file will appear greyed out.

Note: these brushes are for use inside the Procreate app only. They do not work in Photoshop or any other program or app. Brushes are optimized for use with Apple Pencil. They will work with another stylus, but will not have full capabilities and features. You must update your iOS to the latest version and then update Procreate to version 4.1 to install this file.

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