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Please Note: These brushes will only work with the Procreate App and iPad using a pressure sensitive stylus. They will not work on Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other graphic applications. Compatible with Procreate 4 and earlier.
The instant download includes 5 popular calligraphy style brushes, from formal & elegant script to bouncy modern. Create Brush Script lettering with clean edges or use the textured option to give your work a gritty finish. As well as a Monoline brush with an even stroke thickness.

Download details:

5 Calligraphy Brushes:
Copperplate/Formal Script Brush
-Modern/Casual Script Brush
-Brush Script Smooth
-Brush Script Textured
-Monoline Brush
(All calligraphy brushes have pressure sensitivity settings, apart from the Monoline Brush)

9 Guideline Brushes at various angles and x-heights:
-55 degree Angle (Suggested style: Formal Script)
-Straight Middle x-height (Suggested style: Modern Script)
-45 degree Angle (Suggested style: Slanted Brush Script)
-60 degree Angle(Suggested style: Slanted Brush Script)
-Straight Tall x-height (Suggested style: Straight Brush Script)
-Straight Divided (Suggested style: Great for Serif and San Serif Lettering)
-Straight (Suggested style: Great for Uppercase Serif and San Serif Lettering)
-Horizontal Lines (Perfect for any style)
-Dot Grid (Perfect for any style)

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