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Map Elements Photoshop Brushes:

Create your own fantasy and gaming maps. This is a set of 21 Photoshop brushes in .abr file format, designed for Photoshop CS3 and up. Each brush is an element like a hill, a tree, a city, a hand-drawn compass, etc and the set is made up of all of these. You can use them for many purposes.

– Incorporate these into your own designs
– Use them for a multitude of print and online uses
– No attribution is needed

A full list of brushes (maximum brush size in brackets):
smallmountain1 (2233px), smallmountain2 (2226px), smallmountain3 (1627px), smallmountaincave (1939px), smallmountain4 (2034px), singletree (1891px), treestump (1322px), treebare (1505px), buildingcastle (1706px), hills1 (2232px), hills2 (1621px), calligraphicstroke (1303px), caveentrance (1661px), arch (1637px), diamondstar (2129px), volcano (1628px), castleruins (1720px), tower (2256px), compass (2132px), city (1961px), city2 (1985px).

How to Install Brushes:
In order to use the Photoshop brushes, you need to first extract the .abr file from the .zip file. If you go into your Photoshop program folder and find Presets, then the Brushes folder, you can copy the .abr file into that folder. If you have more than one copy of Photoshop (for instance, 32 bit and 64 bit versions), you’d need to save it twice into both versions’ Brushes folders, in order to have it accessible to both versions of Photoshop. You may need to restart Photoshop so that it detects the brushes. It’s also possible to load it from the Preset Manager or the Brush Presets Panel.

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