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I know lots of illustrators who don’t like working in Illustrator because vector art is «too clean». I also know those who prefer drawing using pen tool and standart shapes, but still want to achieve hand drawn effect.

Guess what? With Inchiostro Brush Pack both will find what they are looking for!

I made this brush set from real ink strokes (carefully scanned, traced and converted into illustrator art brushes). After installing you can apply it to your vector art and get some awesome results! The greatest thing about using illustrator brushes is that you can modify your art all you want. Apply different brushes, change brush stroke width and see what happens!

Check previews to see all 45 Inchiostro brushes to see what you’ll get. By the way – I decided to add some fun and gave each brush it’s own name (names are all italian :).

You will get:
– 45 illustrator brushes in one .ai file
Not sure about how to install and use illustrator brushes? It’s easy!

– Unzip Inshiostro Brush Pack
– Go to Window Brush Libraries Other Library… and locate brush library
– I also recommend making Inshiostro Brush Library persistent – you can achieve it by clicking small arrow on the top right of the brush panel and choosing “persistent”

It’s easier to work with brushes when “list view” is turned on (to do so click on the upper right edge and choose “list view”).

Download the Inchiostro Brush Pack now and start creating amazing vector art!

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