Download Boho Queen Lightroom Presets | Desktop & (5454821) Free Presets

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Compatible with: Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC Raw, Lightroom Mobile App


? 10 Professional Lightroom Presets Mobile in DNG Format compatible with Lightroom Mobile;
? 10 Professional Lightroom Presets Desktop in XMP Format compatible with Lightroom;

All presets are tried and tested on different photographs. Please bear in mind that all Lightroom presets work differently because every photo is unique (lighting conditions, colours, exposure, etc). Therefore these presets may need to be slightly altered to fit your needs. After applying the presets, make sure to play around with your: Exposure, temperature, contrast, shadows, whites

THESE WILL NOT LOOK PERFECT ON EVERY SINGLE PHOTO YOU TAKE ? the example photographs display the colours and tones that this specific preset works great on. If you?d like a preset that suits other colours etc, purchase a different kind and go between the different options as and when you need to.

Thank you & Enjoy!

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